Bluetooth Receivers

As Bluetooth technology was only introduced to the public in 1999, many devices that you may have or buy, may not be fitted with Bluetooth. There is little doubt that Bluetooth technology is very useful and easy to use and so if any of your present or future devices do not have it already fitted, you may want to buy a Bluetooth receiver. If this is the case, you may want to look at some reviews for the best bluetooth receiver 2016 before you buy. As Bluetooth technology is a fairly recent addition to the world of electronics, it is perhaps understandable that not everybody, as yet, fully understands what it is. Basically Bluetooth is a system by which you can transfer information from one device equipped with Bluetooth, to another, without the use of cables or wires as it utilizes radio waves to transfer the information. Like cables and wires though, Bluetooth, so far, can only be used over short distances. This means that Bluetooth is very useful and so is now fitted to, or can be fitted, almost any electronic devices and is found in cell phones, mobile apps, PCs and laptops. It is also useful to allow hands free listening to music whilst driving and the medical profession is also finding many uses for it. By using Bluetooth doctors can quickly be passed relevant patient details like heart rate and other vital signs whilst not even having to be in the presence of the patient. This is only the start as the medical profession believes they will be able to find many more uses for this technology and so it should allow for advances in the medical profession as well as providing easy entertainment.

The transfer of music is perhaps the most common use for Bluetooth technology as the younger generation, brought up in a world of mobile apps, easily exchange different music between each other’s devices. Bluetooth is just the latest advancement in allowing people to easily hear their favourite music. First there was the radio but the first radios were heavy and clumsy, only allowing for music to be played in the home and the introduction of the record player had the same limitations however, once the cassette and the accompanying cassette players were introduced, people were able to take their music with them where ever they went. To improve on this, headphones were introduced and so people could listen to their music without disturbing others. Then came CDs and this made life even easier. Although portable CD players were similar to the cassette players, the CD players were smaller, as were the CDs themselves. Both the cassettes and CDs though, had to have music placed on them, either prior to buying or at home but now, with Bluetooth technology and mobile apps, anyone can listen to music at any time and if they do not have some music they want to listen to, with them, they can use Bluetooth to capture it from a friend or colleague.