Garden Beds

Garden beds are where soil is raised from ground height to allow for the planting of vegetables and other plants. People use these raised garden beds for a variety of reasons but mainly in order to grow plants in soil that is unpolluted. In today’s modern world there is an ever increasing amount of pollution and some of that pollution penetrates the soil, affecting the healthy growth of plants. If you live in an area where the soil is believed to be contaminated, you too may want to consider using a raised garden bed for growing your plants. If you do decide to use beds in this manner, the size of the beds you use is entirely up to you but usually come in sizes up to 36 inches deep although most people prefer the 11 inch beds. If you are old or perhaps have difficulty in bending down to weed for any other reason, you may want to consider one of the higher beds which would allow you to sit on the side to do your weeding and other maintenance tasks.

Unlike garden planters, raised garden beds do not have a bottom to them and so if you wish, as the plants grow and become stronger, less susceptible to damage by contaminants you can allow their roots to grow in the ground soil. Obviously though, the soil that you use in the raised beds themselves, will be soil of your selection which is free from any kinds of contaminants. As well as the ground soil perhaps containing potential dangers, it also contains essential nutrients for the plants and so when you place soil in your bed remember to also add necessary nutrients as needed. In hot weather the soil in these raised beds tends to dry quicker than ground soil and so you may have to apply water more liberally and more frequently.

Raised garden beds are usually made from wood in which case that wood would be one of the cedar varieties or the beds will be made of plastic. Cedar is a long lasting wood which has its own protection from rot but if you are concerned with the wood becoming rotten or mouldy, you can use one of the plastic beds which are usually made from recycled plastic. The best recycled garden beds can be used continuously without fear of any corrosion and so will become a permanent feature in your garden. Although most people use the raised beds because of soil pollution, there are those that choose to use them for effect, providing their garden with a more dramatic look. The advantages of a raised garden bed are perhaps obvious and as the only disadvantages to them are that you will have to purchase soil, many people that are uncertain as to the quality of the soil where they live, opt to use raised garden beds just in case. One other advantage of raised garden beds is that they are isolated and so do not get trampled on by small animals.